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Wildlife Gardening and Equipment.

 Frog and Toad Homes, Bird and Bat Boxes.



For gardeners looking for ways to make your garden wildlife friendly we have some great products from Hedgehog houses to bird and bat boxes we also carry a range of food to keep them coming back. Why not give bees and other beneficial insects a shelter with one of our Bug and Bee Homes.

We also carry a range of equipment for the armature naturalist  insect traps and nets as well as moth traps and Botany equipment. For young naturalist we have a range of bug viewers and observation equipment as well as an exciting rang of kits to kick start their hobby.

For schools and nurseries we have a range of educational based products and classroom packs.

 From young beginners to nature enthusiasts, from geology addicts to astronomy fans, from wildlife gardeners to young nature explorers, Nature Curious is a website dedicated to all of you who have an interest in wildlife and natural history.

Whether you are witnessing your little one's amazement after discovering his first frog or hedgehog in your back garden or run an educational setting willing to introduce your children to the wonders of our natural world, whether you are interested in wildlife gardening and are keen on learning more about entomology, botany or are simply after nest boxes or pond nets ,

whether you are studying a range of habitats or have always been curious about astronomy, we, at Nature Curious, are constantly developing our range of wildlife equipment supplies in order to assist you on your next nature adventure.

Wildlife inspired gifts

Looking for wildlife inspired gifts? We have a range of unique gift ideas for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. If you know someone who is Batty about bats then have a look at our range of bat detectors and bat boxes or if they like feeding the birds and watching from the window why not look at our bird tables and nest-boxes or for those who want observe up close without disturbing the birds you might consider a nest box camera so they can observe birds nesting,feeding and raising their young from the comfort of their living room.

Maybe insects and entomology is their thing then have a look at our sweep-nets, moth traps and observation equipment.

For the wildlife gardener who is always trying to attract beneficial insects and animals into their garden look at our range of hedgehog houses and food or our frog and toad house will make a welcome addition to any pond. Our bug boxes provide a safe haven for many beneficial insects such as lacewings,ladybirds and solitary bees as well as adding an attractive ornament to the garden.

For the young naturalists we have a range of accessories and equipment that will encourage and enthuse them in their hobby. We have a selection of bug observation and detection equipment bug tongs and pots to make handling small insects easier and a range of gifts and games to keep them entertained.

We also have a range of nature identification charts and publications to help identify and learn when out and about.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

Albert Einstein